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All of our signature massages use Organic Treatment Company’s professional products, which are Soil Association certified organic.

Muscle ease massage

Using deep tissue movements with penetrating Frankincense and black pepper oils, this massage will leave your muscles relaxed and rejuvenated. Perfect before a marathon or training session.

  • 1 hour £50 | 30 mins £30

De-stress nourishing massage

This is the ultimate in relaxation, using lavender and rose oils to send you to cloud nine.

  • 1 hour £50| 30 mins £30

Detox invigorate massage

Feeling a little worse for wear? This massage gets your natural lymphatic drainage moving with invigorating lemongrass and mandarin oils to help your body get rid of those toxins. Perfect post-party pampering.

  • 1 hour £50 | 30 mins £30

Indian head massage

This invigorating treatment gives you an instant pick-me-up using ancient Indian massage movements, massaging the head, neck, shoulders, hands, arms and feet. It can be done with or without oils, and fully clothed if you prefer.

  • 1 hour £50  30 mins £30

Pregnancy massage

Take the weight off and ease your aches and pains with aromatherapy oils.

  • 1 hour £50| 30 mins £30

Hot Stone Massage

A natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client’s body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit.

  • 1 hour £55 | 30 mins £35

Lava Shell Massage

The world’s first self-heating massage tool, which emits heat for over an hour, allowing therapists to provide a continuous and seamless body massage, deploying deeply therapeutic relief to where it is needed.

  • 1 hour £55 | 30 mins £35